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The Panthic Network - Help

About Us

Founded by the creators of some of the first Sikh websites ever, The Panthic Network is a volunteer-based group of gurmat-oriented services, organizations and inviduals from around the world. Founded in 2000 as Waheguroo! Network, Panthic Network was built due to an increasing need for unity in the Sikh community and appropriate representation of the Sikh teachings and values. Websites affiliated with the network are dedicated to gurmat education, which is based on the principles taught and the lifestyles lived by the Gurus. The bridges that Panthic Network has built with partner organizations and affiliates speaks for itself. The network includes the following websites, each of which strives to serve the Sikh panth:

  • KEERTAN.NET - Sikh Multimedia Search Engine at Keertan.Net - This website is absolutely one of a kind, comprising of a vast array of kirtan tracks from different styles of kirtan, in different file formats, by various raagees, jathas and sangat members from all over the world.
  • KATHAA.NET - Kathaa Search Engine at Kathaa.Net - Kathaa.net includes Gurbani ucharan (recital) and kathaa (interpretive discussion) from a wide selection of speakers!  The kathaa is in both Punjabi and in English in order to reach the greatest amount of listeners. 
  • PANTHIC WEEKLY - The International Sikh News at Panthic.Org - This excellent resource provides the Sikh Panth with weekly news from around the world related to the Sikh community. Operating on a not-for-profit arrangement, no salaries or commissions are paid to Panthic Weekly (PW) and Khalsa Press staff, editors, reporters, and columnists. Since 2005, it has operated solely with the generous donations of concerned Sikh organizations and individuals. Panthic Weekly does not promote, patronize or advertise for groups or entities that promote anti-Sikh products or behavior. A vital part of its mission is also to counter anti-Sikh propaganda, reporting and distortions by anti-Panthic entities by offering reporting of first hand accounts of significant Panthic events and exposés on Gurbani and Gurmat and the life of the Shaheeds and Panthic luminaries.
  • DISCOVER SIKHI - Interactive Sikh Discussion Forums at DiscoverSikhi.com – Another important Sevaa offered by the Panthic Network is a Sikh Forum where ideas can be exchanged in a clean, positive and Chardi Kala environment, free from unnecessary controversy and confusion for the youth.  The forums are a positive tool used to learn and share ideas and they also act as a way to keep up to date with Sikh events around the world. Anonymous counseling is also offered on this website. You can also find discussions on latest news, discussions on Gurbani, rehit maryada and many other topics on the forums.
  • SIKHISM 101 at Sikhism101.com - A comprehensive introduction to the Sikh faith and many aspects including philosophy, scriptures, lifestyle, gender equality and information on the Gurus and saints of Sikhi. Also available on the Universal Faith website, UniversalFaith.net
  • FORT: PANTHKHALSA at PanthKhalsa.org - This site was launched back in 1995 and was the second main Sikh site on the newly created world wide web-and the only one to promote Tat Gurmat. This site was the first Sikh site to publish the daily hukumnama from Sri Darbar Sahib and the first site to publish News articles related to the Panth. It was the first site to have Gurmat, Rehit, Kharkoo and Panthic information. It has been frequently used as a key reference (photos & articles) for political asylums cases for many years to illustrate Indian persecution of Sikhs.
  • SIKHIPEDIA at SikhiPedia.com - Sikhipedia is a unique, fun and informative site created by Khalsa Press Sevadars. Like wikipedia, it allows users to create and edit pages regarding various topics, but as the name suggests, is dedicated to Sikhi related terms. It allows for sangat to collectively create a knowledge database that is not only informative but is also easy to use. The goal is to create a site that provides a comprehensive introduction to Sikhi and Sikh philosophy scriptures, and lifestyle.
  • KHALSA TV at Khalsa.TV - The first Sikh TV website serves the Sikh community with videos from events from around the world. You can find many exclusive videos which are not available elsewhere. Videos are provided in a variety of formats for ease of viewing regardless of connection speeds and operation system variations.
  • PHOTOS at Panthic Network Photos - This site has a collections thousands of high quality pictures of various Gurdwara Sahibs, events such as camps, keertan samagams, awareness rallies, and gursikhs from around the world. You can share your photos easily!
  • DAILY HUKAMNAMA at Hukam.Panthic.net - Everyday the hukamnama from Sri Darbar Sahib (Harimandir Sahib) in Amritsar, Punjab is presented to the sangat on the Panthic Network in larivaar (continuous) script, which is the authentic and original written gurbani style. A helpful larivaar reader hukamnama is also provided for readers to learn this style of written gurbani as well as an English interpretation. Using our technology, the hukamnama is now presented in Unicode so that it is readable on any computer or internet enabled device without the need for a Gurmukhi font.
  • EAT BIBEK at EatBibek.com - One of the first of its kind, the food section lists products around the world that may or may not be safe for your diet. Advice and ingredients on different foods. Various recipes from around the world that are nutritious and all vegetarian while some are also vegan. These recipes provide delicious food alternatives for people of various diets and faith groups as well as for those who follow a bibek lifestyle.
  • BLUE FARLA SIKH GREETING CARDS at BlueFarla.com - Inspired from other egreetings websites, this site is dedicated to interests of the Sikh community alone. Users can send egreetings to their family and friends free of cost. Besides simple graphical ecards, visitors can also send flash based ecards with keertan/simran background tracks.
Do you have any questions about any of the websites or organizations in the Panthic Network? Please Contact Us!
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